Orphans On 3rd Squeak (Pt.12)


So, this is part 12 of an ongoing Gundam Orphans spinoff series in Animage. I am translating them out of order because I am receiving them out of order. I apologize and will order them nicely somewhere, eventually. So, don’t read if you don’t want to be spoiled, I guess!

“Where are you going, McGillis?”
“Pretty sharp there, Galileo.”
Two cats stood in front of the Seven Stars mansion front gate.

“Those space rats have left, so there is no reason for me to stay here. I’m just a cowering cat with no political standing.”
Galileo sprung onto McGillis, who planned to just leave without lifting his gaze.

“Did you forget how much pain I’ve been through!”
“That’s right! And you came here to hunt those rats.”
“Because I’m a mongrel cat I have to bow down to the humans just to get some food!”
McGillis shouted.
“But it’s not just that!”
Galileo quipped back and continued over the fallen McGillis.
“Look at me, McGillis! Look at your friend… the cat who will be your brother!”

“A cat like me is only a nuisance to Almiria’s happiness.”
McGillis looked away.
“That kind of happiness is nothing but lies. How can you not see that!”

Tears trickled down from Galileo.
“…Why are you crying?” McGillis looked baffled.
“Don’t deny yourself. You’re so kind… you’re too kind of a cat.” Galileo responded softly.

“Thank you. You are … no, to me, you are my one and only companion.”
Galileo met with eyes he had never seen on McGillis.
“Let’s go home Mcgillis,” Galileo said smiling.

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