Orphans on 3rd Squeak (Part 1)

Far, far away, a place far from Earth,
On the planet of Mars was a city called Chryse.
The cold season was setting in.
On this planet,
Food and a warm home were hard to come by.

In preparation for the coming winter,
Space rat Mikazuki was collecting nuts.
“What should I do next, Orga?”
His best friend, Orga turned to him.
With a smile, he said this.
“Isn’t it obvious? We’re gonna go.
To an endless supply of food,
To proper beds,
To our ‘Warm Welcoming Home'”
Mikazuki nodded.
“Yeah, let’s go. All of us together.”

Since then,
For a number of winters
They scurried into their secret base
Located in the great big mansion
Of the Seven Star Family
And lived happily with theirs.
But, was this really the promised land?
The search for their ‘Warm Welcoming Home’
Starts now!

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