Hello! I’m idango, the one crying in newtype. I’m a huge fan of Gundam, robots, and anime of all kinds. First off, I want to say thank you for stopping by. I started this blog with the hope of using what little Japanese skill I have to increase the number of English material available to western fans. My Japanese isn’t perfect, and I’m always open to criticism about my writing (please be kind), but I love the language and being able to share it with others. Please, enjoy!

Cries in Newtype?

If you aren’t familiar with the Gundam universe, it’s understandable that this is confusing. Not to mention there is the Newtype magazine that deals with anime related content. So, no, I’m not crying into a magazine. Newtype, in the Gundam franchise, is a term for “a person who has reached a new stage of human evolution.” It’s an evolutionary response to humans moving into space, but Newtypes are rare and, honestly, misunderstood both in the show and out. Since my blog is set mainly to be a translation blog, and Newtypes are seen as some otherworldly creatures, it only seemed fitting to take the classic [cries in Spanish] subtitle and make it Gundam friendly. Be kind to your fellow man and Newtype!

This Blog

I want to fill this blog with translations of all lengths, styles, and variety. Interviews, bios, fan letters, articles, songs… the list goes on. While I will likely flock to Gundam pieces more than not, that doesn’t mean there will only be Gundam related content. In that sense, I am similar to the Newtype magazine. As for my translations, unless stated otherwise, they are mine and mine alone. I still have a long way to go when it comes to translating, so if you notice anything wrong feel free to point it out! I don’t claim to know everything there is about Japan, and it’s language, and am more than willing to take in as much information as I can.