A Brief Word With Gundam Twilight AXIS Producer Taniguchi Osamu

The original interview can be found at the special section of the Twilight Axis official site.

Q1: What is one point you want everyone to notice?

Taniguchi: Working off of Ark Performance’s story, Kim Se Jun and Abe Shingo put their best effort into the character and mechanical designs for this animated version. Those two drew more than half of the key frames, and thanks to that, it has become an impressive piece of animation.

Q2: Was there anything, in particular, that sparked worry?

Taniguchi: The biggest worry was the staff. For a lot of the staff, it was their first time working on a Gundam show, so it was a challenge for each person. Regardless, we were able to create an anime where we could say we’d want to work on another Gundam with the same team again.

Q3: Last, a word for the fans, please.

Taniguchi: This story is the connecting episodes between Mobile Suit Gundam, Char’s Counter Attack, and F91. It also has the rare appearance of a female protagonist. There are lots of tidbits here and there to enjoy, and because of its length, you can watch with ease.

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